DJ Sniper Wells-Set-List January 17, 2015

Set-List from January 17, 2015 90.3FM

Hell Flyer-Nightfox and Sniper Wells

This was a pretty slamming show! Had a little break at the beginning and middle. Other than that, pretty Ultra’ Banging.  Thank You to Nocturna for letting me sub for her while she did the Vampires Ball.  Hope to see you Saturday at Anna O’brien’s!

  1. Ministry-Work for Love
  2. Kloq-You Never Know
  3. Cryo-Shelter
  4. Chemical Brothers-Leave Home (Brothers Gonna’ Work it Out) for Chris
  5. A Love Fest Tune
  6. Combichrist-All your Bass Belongs to Us
  7. KMFDM-Drug Against War (Request)
  8. Klutae-Elektro Punks Unite
  9. Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs-Heads will Roll
  10. Swedish House Mafia-Save the World
  11. The Cure-Just like Heaven
  12. Rotersand-I Don’t Know
  13. KMFDM-Sunday Bloody Sunday
  14. Siouxsie and the Banshees-Dear Prudence
  15. Ayria-Games (Rotersand mix)
  16. Eisenfunk-Pong
  17. Front 242-Headhunter (Funker Vogt mix)
  18. Wumpscut-You are a Goth!
  19. The Prodigy-Nasty (New)
  20. Aloha Aliens-Waikiki Beats (Original Mix)
  21. New Order x Superman Lovers-60 Miles an Hour
  22. DJ Spiller-Groovejet
  23. The Shoes-Time to Dance
  24. Stardust-Music Sounds Better with You
  25. Culture Kulture-Love will Tear us Apart
  26. Komor Komodore-Servus Pulsu
  27. Suicide Commando-Unterwelt
  28. Combichrist-Cold Dead Hands
  29. Youth Code-Let the Sky Burn
  30. Ayria-Big City Lullaby
  31. Informatik-Something to Believe In
  32. Covenent-Stalker
  33. Marilyn Manson-Sweet Dreams
  34. Chrom- Digress & Testify
  35. The Prodigy-Take me to the Hospital
  36. Deadmau5-I Remember
  37. Ministry-Over the Shoulder

If you like some or all of these tunes,  join me, Nightfox and the Quintessentials at Hell Night This Saturday January 31st. 2015 from 9p-2a at Anna O’Briens. 2440 S. Beretania St. Near UH, across from Long’s on the island of Oahu.  $10 21+

Hell Flyer-Nightfox and Sniper Wells

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The Prodigy is Back

 Whatcha’ Think?

After six loong years, The Prodigy have finally released their first single to the upcoming album, The Day is my Enemy. Liam Howlett has been hyping this album on my Facebook page for a couple of years. Lately, he’s upped his hype like crazy,  even said that the music would be Violent-Sounding.

I’m thinking it’s just one song, lets see what else is coming. Because this sounds almost like their last album. Maybe I need to listen to it a few more times, but sounds like Omen or Invaders Must Die, but without the fun lyrics. The vid is kinda’ interesting, seems they’ve traded in the ant for a fox.

I’m for sure looking forward to hearing some more of the upcoming album and I’ll play this on the radio on Saturday (January 17, 2015-6p-9p on I didn’t say it’s a bad song, just sounds really familiar. And with so much hype, I was thinking it would have a brand new sound. Whatcha’ think?

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SET-LIST-Peter Hook & The LIght-Honolulu, Hawaii

Peter Hook & The Light on Black Friday November 29, 2014 @theRepublik in Honolulu, Hawaii

Peter Hook-Nice LIghts-DJSniper Wells


First Set

  • Dead Souls
  • Digital
  • Isolation
  • Disorder
  • Transmission
  • She’s Lost Control
  • Atmosphere

Second Set

  • Paradise
  • Weirdo
  • As It Is When It Was
  • Broken Promise
  • Way of Life
  • Bizarre Love Triangle (We were due for a Big One at this moment in the night)
  • All Day Long
  • Angel Dust
  • Every Little Counts

Third Set

  • Love Vigilantes (Knew all the words, guy next to me video’ing it gave me the glare a couple times, but was cool about it)
  • The Perfect Kiss (Also Knew all the words)
  • This Time of Night
  • Sunrise
  • Elegia (Sitting on White Chair)
  • Sooner Than You Think
  • Subculture
  • Face Up

Encore (My Favorite Set)

  • Thieves Like Us
  • Ceremony (New Order Played this at the Wave way back when, I was there and all I remember is yelling “Blue Monday”  all night long, cause the Wave used to play it every night I was there)
  • True Faith (Nice)
  • Temptation (My Favorite Song of the Night, lots of Energy, Very Rockin’, HI-Energy,  and was cool when Peter stared at each of us in our different colored eyes).  It’s so nice when an artist says Hi to you in the crowd.
  • Blue Monday (Wow! So Special to have them play this, Blessed)
  • Love Will Tear Us Apart (Sing Along with Crowd, Lots of fun, and guy with Vid camera got caught up in the moment and didn’t video it, he sang too.)

Very Fun Evening.  Thank You to Peter Hook & the Light for coming out to Hawaii. Mahalo to BAMP for bringing them. And Really nice twist on the concert shirts, they had an area on them where Peter Hook autographed them. Genius!

Peter Hook Autograph-sniperwells

Pictures from the Peter Hook & The Light on Black Friday 2014 at the Republik.

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Turn on the Light! The Best Kept Secret Show

Peter Hook and the Light THIS Friday night in Honolulu

Scratch that headline and replace it with NEW ORDER in concert this Friday Night November 28, 2014 and the picture changes instantly.

I suspect there’s some lame legal litigation Shenanigans  going on with Peter Hook and Bernard Sumner, so the adverts couldn’t say New Order or maybe some silly English humor. But, anyway you look at it, New Order and Joy Division tunes will be played live on Friday night in Hawaii at the Republik.

I’ve personally been playing New Order on the radio and in the clubs since the late 80’s and at least every 3rd show or so since, I still play em’. So, I’m not missing the show no matter what the band is called.

And yeah, I know I’ve been working a bit too much,  flying on caffeine and sugar for the last  3-10 days and am ready for a big crash if I don’t watch out. So, I wasn’t able to get around to this post earlier. But tonight when I texted all my 1980 and 90’s friends, many didn’t know about the gig on Friday night. Thus, I kinda’ feel it a duty of some sort to let ya’ll know: If you’re  in Hawaii this Friday night, Don’t miss  Peter Hook and the Light. Just look at the set-list from the Chicago Show below.  So many great songs.

Joy Division’s: Transmission, She’s Lost Control, and the huge many times covered Love Will Tear us Apart

New Order’s: Love Vigilantes-I personally played that tune 90+ x back in the day, The Perfect Kiss, Temptation, and of course True Faith and Bizarre Love Triangle (Remember 120 minutes on MTV-those guys must have played those 2 tunes 900+ x.

I highly recommend checking out the show and you know what? The price is super cool. $25 in advance and only $30 at the door. I texted Nocturna earlier and she says the show starts at 8:00 p.m. I may run a little late and get there at 8:30, but will shoot for 8:00.  Both times are still way too early for myself, but gotta’ sacrifice some sleep for the show. Oh Well.

They can call  it Peter Hook and the Light for whatever reason, I’m telling you now that New Order and Joy Division will be playing Friday night.  Doing some big time, ultra catchy tunes, I bet any amount of $$ you’ll know the words to many of the songs and PH & TL won’t let you down. (Thank-You to BAMP for bringing this show to Hawaii).

If I don’t crash to0 hard, I’ll do some sort of follow-up review on the show. Hope to see you there and if you’re at the show, stop by and say “Hi”.  Just look for the guy dancing with more arms than legs ala 1987 and the one who knows all the words to “Love Vigilante” and the “Perfect Kiss”.

Peter Hook Setlist Metro, Chicago, IL, USA 2014, Low-Life & Brotherhood

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Helloween to Halloween Set-List

12th Annual Helloween to Halloween Set-List

Helloween to

Saturday October 25, 2014 3p-6p (HST)  90.3Fm in Honolulu, Hawaii

  1. Thrill Kill Kult-A Daisy Chain for Satan
  2. Peter Murphy-Eliza (For Chris)
  3. Assemblage 23-Drive
  4. Rotersand-Gothic Paradise
  5. Dublime-This is Halloween
  6. Jazz Butcher-Real Men (From Hell)
  7. Siouxsie and The Banshees-Hong Kong Garden (Strings Remix)
  8. Duck Sauce-Big Bad Wolf (Gessaffeisein Mix)
  9. Front Line Assembly-Echogenic (Youth Code Mix)
  10. Aesthetic Perfection-The New Black (New)
  11. Aesthetic Perfection-The Dark Half
  12. Voltaire-Vampire Club
  13. Siouxsie and the Banshees-Spellbound (For Sharen)
  14. Thrill Kill Kult-Days of Swine and Roses
  15. TJR-Ode to Oi (For Eric, James, Peter, and Gail)
  16. Combichrist-All Your Base Belongs to Us
  17. Prodigy-Omen (Dub Step Remix)
  18. Ministry-Halloween (Original mix on Vinyl)
  19. KMFDM-Salvation (New)
  20. Youth Code-What is the Answer (I like the drums from these guys/First time played)
  21. Armin Van Buren-Ping Pong (For DJ_AnT_EyE)
  22. Krystal System-I Love my Chains (Angels on Acid Remix/First time played)
  23. Front 242-Headhunter
  24. Rotersand-Electric Elephant (New and First time played)
  25. Albin Meyers-Halloween 2011
  26. Sisters of Mercy-Lucretia
  27. Marilyn Manson-This is Halloween
  28. Wumpscut-You are a Goth
  29. Youth Code-Burn Your World (For EBM Radio on Twitter/First time played)
  30. God Module-Spooky
  31. Ayria-New Years Day (For Peter and James)
  32. Nightmare on Elm Street-Original song from soundtrack
  33. Thrill Kill Kult-Spooky
  34. Krystal System-Mental Mekatronik Side
  35. Prodigy-Invaders Must Die
  36. Combichrist-Cold Dead Hands
  37. Thrill Kill Kult-Rivers of Blood Years of Darkness

Thank You to KTUH, Rhombus and the Alumni Show for the opportunity to play today.  Seems I tend to play a lot of  TKK on the Halloween shows without even trying. Enjoyed everything especially the new Aesthetic Perfection and Youth Code tunes.  Have a Happy Halloween.  See you on the radio or at the club. DJ Sniper Wells at the Controls!

DJ Sniper Wells Y3

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Friday the 13th 2014

HYDRA:Jinx Friday the 13th Edition

Aah! Friday the 13th, a day I typically would ignore the date and pretend it’s another. This Friday the 13th won’t be like that at all, it’s a date to remember and a Night to make a date to be at NextDoor in DowntownChinatown on the island of Oahu.

Dj’s Nighfox, Dark Cloud and myself will be cranking up the tunes Full Blast.Ultra’ Bangin’ Beats, EBM, Industrial-Dance, Goth, Cyber-Punk, Synth-Tech, Cynth-Pop, Techno, D&B, 80’s, 90’s, and  Now. If it’s got a groove and it’s bangin’, will be playing it.

Scroll down to various SET-LISTs and Playlists to see some of what you’re in store for, I know I’m ready with a few of my favs listed below to get us going, but will go wherever the crowd and the night takes me. If there’s something you’d like to hear, leave a comment, just text me at 808-479-9928, or stop by the DJ booth anytime between Midnight and closing. See you on Friday the 13th at Next Door.

Rotersand, Klutae, VNV Nation, Peter Murphy, Thrill Kill Kult, Assemblage 23, Grendel, Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, KMFDM, Covenant, Dupont, And One, Depeche Mode, Shiny Toy Guns, Faderhead, The Prodigy, The Cult, The Cure, Wumpscut, Kloq, SAM, and More!

Get to Next Door early for the full experience of Friday the 13th on Oahu. Doors open at 9p.m. FREE until 10:00 p.m. and Just $5 after 10 p.m. For more information go here or here.




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SET-LIST May 3, 2014

BIG FUN, BIG BEATS and a possible SUMMER STORMER for 2014


First I’d like to thank Nocturna for giving me the opportunity to fill-in for her on the Feast of Friends Show. I had a really good time, played some new music along with a few classics and for sure had an extra special Ultra Bangin’ Beats Show.

I especially liked the beat on the new Combichrist/From CD’s Hand and The Nachtmahr/Chaos tunes. And I usually don’t pick the #1 Summer Stormer *TM/DJSW until June or early July. But I’m going on record today and picking Gisele and Bob Sinclar’s Heart of Glass as this years #1 Summer Stormer *TM/DJSW.

On another posting, I’ll try to remember the last 10 or so Summer Stormers *TM/DJSW and post them on this blog. It may take me a couple of weeks to remember them all, so don’t check back too soon.  And BIG News! I’ll be seeing  you at HYDRA:Jinx THIS Friday June 13, 2014 at NEXTDOOR 43 N. Hotel St. in Downtown Chinatown. DJ Sniper Wells at the Controls from Midnight Until 2 a.m.  Gonna’ be a very fun night! TU to DJ Nightfox/Tracy Chan and Nephilim Halls.

SET LIST MAY 3, 2014

  1.  NEW ORDER-LOVE VIGILANTES (Get ready for Peter Hook coming to town at the Republik November, 28 2014)
  2.  KURD MAVERICK-BLUE MONDAY (As made famous by New Order)
  3.  RAZED IN BLACK-I WANT CANDY (As made famous by Bow Wow Wow)
  4.  PETER MURPHY (As made famous in Bau Haus)-SEE SAW SWAY
  8. DEADMAU5 AND KASKADE-I REMEMBER (Was a huge Summer Stormer in 2009)
  9. GISELE AND BOB SINCLAR-HEART OF GLASS (As made famous by Blondie)
  10. FRONT 242-WELCOME TO PARADISE for the North Shore
  12. THE PRODIGY-INVADERS MUST DIE (One of my favorite tattoos on me)
  14. APOPTYGMA BERZERK-MAJOR TOM (As made famous by David Bowie)
  15. FUNKER VOGT-CITY OF DARKNESS for Peter in Montana and Eric and Jennie in Mississippi
  16. NACHTMAHR-CHAOS (Very nice beat behind the beat)
  17. ALOHA ALIENS-GOTH CLUB (Big Bang Remix)
  22. DEADMAU5-HI FRIEND (Another past winner of the Summer Stormer Award)
  23. SOCIAL DISTORTION-for Bill C in Palolo City
  26. PEACE, LOVE AND PITBULLS-HITCH HIKE TO MARS (That’s all I gotta’ do)
  30. CHATEAU MARMONT-HELLOCHROME (Gessaffolstein Remix)


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